Google is making YouTube a shopping hub


Google is making YouTube a shopping hub

Technology giant Google has begun work on a plan to turn its video platform YouTube into a different kind of shopping destination like Amazon and Alibaba. Where all kinds of toys, gadgets and other items will be available for sale online.

YouTube, the world’s largest video site, recently hired creators to tag and track product features on its clips using YouTube software. In the next phase, it will be linked to Google’s parent company’s analytics and shopping tools.

Video category of the product will be prepared through YouTube. In which the product will be listed for sale. Where viewers can purchase products directly by clicking on the product category link.

The company is also testing a separate Shopify Inc. Through which goods can be sold from YouTube.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the company was testing the shopping feature. He said that he has full potential to make YouTube an advertising giant.

In YouTube shopping, the creator will have control over the display of their product. According to Andy Elwood, chairman of eCommerce startup Basket, YouTube is the least used asset.

So investing in YouTube can be very rewarding. However, it is not clear how YouTube makes money from it.

YouTube has launched a subscription offer for creators and offers a 30 percent reduction in payments. Google’s marketing budget has been disrupted during the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic, travel and physical retail centers have been badly affected. From which Google used to get a lot of ads.

At the moment, the progress of e-commerce has skyrocketed. In this way, Google has taken a step towards becoming a shopping destination like Instagram.

Facebook released an updated shop feature for retailers last May. Even Google does not want to miss out on this opportunity.

That’s why he is trying to make YouTube his shopping hub. Google CEO Sundar Pichai suggested that unpublished videos of popular products could be turned into shopping.

In addition to this, it is possible to add makeup and cooking tutorials in the shopping category. The company is also improving its payment division, which will help with online shopping.


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