FAU-G records, 1 million pre-registered in 24 hours


FAU-G records, 1 million pre-registered in 24 hours

After the ban on pubg games in India, it was announced that it would become a military game. Therefore, FAU-G  is becoming a waiting game for pubis connoisseurs. However, no word on when it will be made public.

Even before its release, the military game has set a record. The game has set a historic record in pre-registration, which opened on the Google Play Store on Tuesday. In 24 hours, 1.4 million or 1 million 40 thousand people have pre-registered for this game.

The link available in Google Play is for pre-registration only. Once registered, it notifies the user when the game is officially available.

Indian developer Encore Games is making so many pre-registered military games without announcing the release date. On the other hand, Pubg Game is trying to re-enter the Indian market.


Many are comparing this game with Pubg Mobile. But these two games will be very different from each other. FAU-G  will be an action game while Pubg is a battle royal game.


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