Facebook launches ‘Hacker Plus’ loyalty program for Bug Hunter

Facebook launches 'Hacker Plus'

Facebook launches ‘Hacker Plus’ loyalty program for Bug Hunter

Facebook has unveiled the Bug Bounty Platform Hacker Plus as the first loyalty program for Bug Hunter.

Facebook has brought Hacker Plus after airlines and hotels used such loyalty programs. According to Facebook, it offers bonuses and special perks based on past reports of bug hunters.

Bug hunters who submit bugs within Facebook’s Bug Bount platform will rank themselves within Hacker Plus’ loyalty program.

Facebook says it plans to continuously evaluate researchers’ performance based on their overall magnitude, score, and signal-to-noise ratio of bug submissions.

Based on the score, the Bug Hunters will be divided into five leagues with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The bonus associated with successful bug submissions will help the league rankings.

Hunters in the Bronze League receive a five percent bonus on successful submissions for each bug. Hunters in the Diamond League receive a 20 percent bonus on each bounty.

Top Gold, Platinum and Diamond Bug Hunters will get exclusive invitations to test the new feature stress before launch.

Hunters in the Diamond and Platinum leagues will be able to participate in Bug Bounty events, including travel and accommodation.

Facebook has also unveiled a new tool for bug hunters. It has unveiled a new tool called Facebook Bug Description Language (FBDL).

This helps the hunters to write a good description of the security vulnerabilities they have discovered. Because of this, after submitting the report, Facebook employees expect the company to easily find the bug by analyzing the report.


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