Facebook launches Collab Music App


Facebook launches Collab Music App

Facebook has unveiled its Experiment Music Maker app Collab. For now, this is only available for the App Store. IOS users can use this app.Facebook initially made it public a few months ago so that one user could only use it after inviting another. Now it can be easily found in the App Store.

The feature of this app is that it can combine three different videos to create a music video. For example, three artists can sing different parts of a song and make it into a single music video through the app.

Every video created by Collab will also be posted in the Collab feed in which Collab users can watch it. Other users can create their own music videos using the music in the Collab feed.According to Facebook, the video created in Collab will be credited to the actual creator even if other users use it.



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