Don’t click on the link to shop online, secure with a credit card


Don’t click on the link to shop online, secure with a credit card

With the Corona epidemic, the trend of online shopping has increased. In the current situation of maintaining social distance, the number of people buying goods by reaching the market is not the same as before.
Along with this changing trend of consumers, online markets have also flourished.

In the global market, companies like Alibaba and Amazon have set new records in the online market by earning the highest revenue during the Corona epidemic. Will the goods I ordered never arrive? Will the company get the money I paid or not? Consumers are ready to buy goods online by coming out of the dilemma of how the goods will arrive.

That’s why in the meantime, some online shopping companies were added and the old companies refined themselves. As an online business grows, we as consumers need to pay attention to a few things.

Here are some tips for online shopping from Adam Levine, founder, and chairman of Cyber ​​Scout. According to Levin, online shopping itself is like a cat and mouse game between bad characters and the retail industry.

There are dangers in buying and selling even in the physical market. The store’s physical device may be scanning your debit card. Information is being stolen by swiping the card in the ATM.

But there are always two dangers, especially in online shopping. First of all, it is important to understand how secure your data is within the system as it moves from you to the company concerned.

The second is how the system keeps your data safe once the data reaches the company. We need to be aware of that. In the West, some strict rules have been made in such matters.

Card issuing companies such as American Express and Visa jointly formed the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in 2006. The policy was designed to ensure that credit card companies work in the interests of consumer protection.

Although this policy is very complex, its features help the system to make better use of hardware and software to control fraud. This type of feature complicates the details of the consumer.

It uses the concepts of encryption, tokenization, and data masking. So that your credit card details do not come out after the sale. Apple Pay stated on its website that it does not have any access to any consumer’s actual credit, debit, and prepaid card numbers.

When someone uses that card, everything is encrypted. Apple then decrypts the data by determining the card’s payment network. It re-encrypts the data so that only the re-payment network can unlock it.

However, this kind of practice and this kind of policy tightening has not been possible in Asian countries. So how to do safe online shopping?

For that, Levin advises never to shop from a shared computer or public WiFi. He says that bad people can easily misuse it. He suggests that VPNs can also be used to make your online activities more secure.

Similarly, they request to give up the habit of ordering goods by clicking on the link. If you need something, go to the URL and type in it so you can be sure where you are going.

Another is to use a credit card, not a debit card when you’re ready to check out. Because most credit card companies offer zero-dollar fraudulent liability. Many debit card companies have also limited liability. But credit card providers are always quick to take action to locate stolen money.


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