5 things to keep in mind when buying a laptop


Laptops are being used as a much needed device for study and work. When buying a new laptop, many people have to decide what to buy and how to buy it.

Today we are going to give you some special things to know before buying a laptop to help end that kind of dilemma.

1. What is the purpose of a laptop?
First of all, it is important to be clear about the purpose for which you are buying the laptop. If you are shopping for office work or children’s reading, you do not need a very expensive laptop.

It works even with low storage and low power hardware. However, if you have to take it for any other professional use including gaming or editing, laptop will be a little expensive. In which you have to take a lot of time and storage.

2. How much to spend?
If you have to buy a laptop for office work, online class, you can get a good laptop in the range of 35 to 50 thousand rupees. But it is better not to be stingy in buying a good laptop by spending two / four thousand than the cheapest.

Because devices like laptops are not to be bought in a short period of time, it is wise to buy a laptop with the latest technology.

3. Processor and RAM
When buying a new laptop, make sure you have at least an i5 tenth generation processor or even the latest processor. If you are talking about RAM, you must have at least four GB of RAM nowadays.

Similarly, it is better to have 250 GB or more storage in the laptop. Don’t forget that the better the specification of the laptop, the better the work done by the laptop.

4. Laptop looks
Nowadays, slick laptops have become a kind of fashion. Its size is 14 inches. However, smaller laptops are a bit more expensive and 15.6-inch laptops are cheaper.

The smaller the laptop, the easier it is to move around. In addition, when buying a laptop, you have to take care of its weight. Lately laptops are lighter while older laptops are a bit heavier.

5. Display
Always buy a laptop with a non-reflective screen. It has a screen with a resolution of at least 720 pixels. Also keep in mind how many types of connectivity ports are available on the laptop.

Generally, be careful when buying a laptop that has at least a Type A USB port, a Type C port, a headphone jack, a LAN port, a microSD, and an HDMI port.


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